Whirlpool Bath Aromatherapy Steam Shower with Bath Tub

Say goodbye to hefty spa bills forever and opt for a state of the art steam shower system. My money is on the Ariel Bath Aromatherapy Steam-Shower with Bath Tub, that is available for $3,790.00 from Wayfair. Engineered with precision and designed with thought, the shower system comes attached with a tub and includes Aromatherapy features, Whirlpool and Acupuncture body massage jets, a rainfall shower-head and even a ventilation fan with ceiling light. To make the art of showering an enhanced experience, one can also make use of the on board FM radio and external CD and the MP3 player connection. One also comes across a seat, along with an user-friendly temperature setting and display. Measuring 87″ H x 59″ W x 36″ D in totality, the Ariel Bath Aromatherapy Steam Shower is one of the more high quality bathroom products out there.

Sliding-Door-Steam-Shower-with-Bath Ariel-Bath-Sliding-Door-Steam-Shower-with-Bath-Tub