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Handmade Kozo Lamp

Whistle While You Work: 10 Creative Desk Lamp Designs

After doing the same tasks over and over again for a long period of time without reprieve, our daily work can start to feel a little limiting.  Knowing, though, that workplace aesthetics can be a powerful thing, we’ve rounded up a whimsical array of 10 creative desk lamp designs to illuminate your workspace and break the monotony just a bit.  Pulling late nights in the office can feel less like an incarceration when there’s soft, warm light emanating from a cool, quirky desktop lamp instead of the glare of fluorescents overhead.  Likewise, long hours spent in the same space can be infinitely more enjoyable when surrounded by beautiful — or at least aesthetically interesting — objects.  Extra wiggle room for creative expression rarely results in negative impact on productivity; on the contrary, personalizing one’s space renders it more homelike and comfortable, influencing us to stay a little longer and be more inventive in our quest for excellence.  So without further ado, let’s shed some light on things.

creative desk lamp
Handmade Kozo Lamp


creative desk lamps
Colored Mia Lamps from Domus


LED desk lamps
LED Desk Lamp Bud from Will Earl


creative desk lights
Lotus Table Lamp by Shanghai Star Trading Company


creative desk light
Ott-Lite Natural Daylight Desk Lamp


cool desk lamp
Planet Studio K Lamp by Bill Iggulden


cool desk lights
Spheres Table Lamp by Adesso


cool task light
The Dask Task Light by Details


cute desk light
Urban Creature Glow Gnome by Vitamin


USB port lamp
USB Port Lamp from Conof


Spheres lamp found at Furniture NYC.

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