10 Fun and Stylish Wicker Hanging Chairs Ideas and Designs

10 Fun and Stylish Wicker Hanging Chairs Ideas and Designs 9

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Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, contemporary or casual, colorful or dressed in neutrals, hanging chairs can be a great addition to any space of the house. They create a more warm and welcoming ambiance, and when woven in style and made of wicker parts, you’ll get a subtle and relaxed piece of furniture. From your patio just outside the backdoor or in your home office, these wicker hanging chairs ideas and designs can become an easy part of your home’s decor. Let’s have a peek at some fun and stylish selections that we found and felt needed to be featured!


Here’s a standalone option that works great outside. It will work in pairs near the fire pit in the backyard or work as singular seating near the pool or outdoor kitchen. It’s a neutral piece so you can dress it up in colors with the addition of a throw pillow – and keep it seasonal by just changing out those types of necessities as the year moves on.


This piece reminds us a bit of a birdcage that’s been cut in half. We imagine this piece very comfortable and the kids will love it’s extra concaved design for a more cozy feel. Again, you can throw some pillows or blankets inside for a welcoming style or to add some color – and this idea in particular acts as a focal point to the room as well as a functional choice.



This is almost like a hanging love seat. It’s a natural color so it will blend into almost any setting and it also has a clean shape so that it can be versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors. We feel it needs some vibrancy to brighten up the organic nature, so the addition of some plush red pillows or even a creamy blanket could really add some personality.


Here’s another standalone piece that doesn’t need a ceiling to be hung. We love this choice because it’s hard to mess up the setup, as when you’re hanging one from the ceiling it really needs to be secure for safety and cosmetic reasons. This is a wider choice so two people can fit snugly inside enjoying the outdoor weather or even a romantic evening by the fire pit.


Isn’t this design absolutely charming? It’s the perfect choice for your poolside style and to add a bit of freshness and fun to your outdoor escape at home. You’ll be turning your home life into something much more luxurious and vacation-like in feel when you add a piece like this to your setup. The flower detail and bit of color really make this an inviting and refreshing piece.


We feel as though this model is the perfect choice for when you want to create a reading nook or relaxing corner in your home. The plushness of the cushions add an inviting and warm air, but the neutral tones and solid foundation also add a sense of security you need when you just want to clear your head and relax.



This choice is a bit more unique than its predecessors. It’s more for lounging and looking than cuddling up for a good read, but we love its slick design and more modern take on the casual wicker style. We also want to point out the addition of the colorful, plum cushion which adds another dimension and more of a personal touch to the piece.


A personal favorite from the entire list, this white wicker example is quite beautiful. The color tone makes it a more fashionable  and contemporary choice, as does the green apple cushion that fits snugly inside adding a welcoming flair. Although it’s set outside, we feel as though this piece would look even better sitting inside your home office or even in your open bonus room or living area.

Rattan-indoor-outdoor-bird-nest-chairSitting up a bit higher than some other choices, this piece has a funkier shape that we find quite intriguing. Again, the colored cushion adds more personality and style than by leaving it purely neutral. The contrast between the black and green also make for a refreshing and modern vibe rather than a natural shading or lighter shade.

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Although at first glance this idea doesn’t look like it’s actually hanging, it is in the space provided. The foundation of this piece gives it a very modern, architectural style which is perfect for indoors if you’re looking for something more unique to fit a bare space. But it also works outside to help you create a funky and contemporary place to enjoy your backyard.


Similar to some of the choices above, this piece has a more masculine vibe with its purely midnight black dressing. Again, these standalone models work great on their own but they also do well in groups or pairs when placed around the patio or even besides the pool area. Of course, a pop of cherry red or mango orange would jazz this piece up just the way we like it!