Windows on the World: 10 Fresh Window Treatments

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The amount of natural light a room receives can make all the difference in how eye-catching it is, how chic, and even how comfortable.  In areas with high heat and incessant sunshine, the right set of shades can save us tons of energy (and energy bills), not to mention rivulets of sweat to boot.  If our windows help lend perspective on things as we look at the world outside, it stands to reason that we should dress them up a little, befitting the space around them but also getting the job done when the sun needs to be dimmed or a little privacy is in order.  Today’s roundup of beautiful, fresh window treatments reach back into the past with some ribbon-gathered bay window coverings and all the way into the future with variegated translucent shades.  So rise and shine and let the sun shine in — but only as much as you want it to.

10 Fresh Window Treatments


modern window shades


window treatment


unique window shades


unique draperies


modern curtains


cool window shades


yellow and pink curtains


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Several elements in today’s series found at Hunter Douglas.