Wine Bottle Display for Home Entertaining

If you enjoy having dinner parties or wine tasting creating the right ambience is important to the success of the event. One factor is creating a wine bottle display that can showcase the night’s offerings. Not all of us can have a wine cellar or a wine room without having a huge home. That is why I was moved when I saw the Nambe Wine Sling. The sling is made of Nambe metal and walnut. The shape of this wine bottle display is warm and invites guests to view the wines and look more closely should they take that much interest in them. At the same time holding only three bottles uses a reasonable amount of space. Also, the metal blends with many appliances creating a nice tie in of colors to the kitchen which may be the main room where the guests convene. Price: $174.99.
Wine Bottle Display Nambe Wine Sling.JPG

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