10 Ultra Decorative Room Divider Ideas to Rock Your World

Finding super decorative room divider ideas is no small feat as often the products you see at furniture stores are so boring they will put you to sleep.  We have all seen the tri-fold fabric that looks like old laundry from twenty years ago.   We have also seen sliding doors that are more suited to be in conference room of an office building.   The truth is that there are not that many products out there in the market.  I will go to a store and perhaps see one even though the showroom is huge.  So here is where the staff of Furniture Fashion wants to rock your world.  You see there is hope.  And our goal is to share these ten ideas so you can see something fresh and new that could work in your own living space.

This gray model above is a bit eerie.  I see it as more masculine suiting a man best.  A couple of thoughts went through my head as to the design inspiration.  The first were caverns that feature stalagmites and stalactites.  Those rock structures will form and separate much like the above gray ensemble.  The other thought was a mouth of a strange looking monster.

I like to point out this piece where many of you may liken it more to a bookcase.   The owner of this place is not as concerned about privacy, but chooses to break up the flow of the room thereby keeping the dining area a bit separate.  A great benefit in his or her room plan is that important items can stored and displayed adding another element of personality to the space.

Wavy Wooden Privacy Screen and Dining Set

What a great little dining area perfect for a couple or small family   This concept takes on more of a screen in appearance.  I love the wavy curves that create a different look and feel than just straight lines.  The human eye can get lost in looking and following the ebb and flow of the piece.

Ultra Decorative Wall Divider Idea in White

This idea is very feminine featuring a lattice design in a soft white color.   I love the fact that there is a table and chair on one side providing a space to work on a laptop or balance a checkbook.  So many places have just one big room and can make it hard to arrange furniture.  Here you see the bed with a seating area in front and the wonderful space behind the lattice work.

This is the second example of decorative room divider ideas where the purpose was to break the room flow to the living room.   I really like this concept for high ceilings.   The wood is gorgeous and the dark stain matches well with the flooring and walls.   Imagine if these can be rotated so that they can block the two areas completely?  I cannot be sure from this picture that is the case, but consider that if you wish to install something like this in your home.

using fabric to section of a large room

Fabric can work well and provide a cost effective solution.  You can even purchase your own fabric and fashion something like this yourself.   I do think in this contemporary setting that the sheer almost see through quality works well.  Remember that the purpose is to just break the flow between rooms and often is not intended to create total privacy.

Of the decorative room divider ideas, this was a great design chosen for a modern work place.  You can see the tables on the far side which look to be a place for lunches to be eaten, whereas in front is a seating area.   I do like the pattern chosen here and think it would work great in a home as well.

Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves Dividing a Room

Everyone needs storage to keep organized and control clutter.  This floor to ceiling bookshelf is the second time we have seen a similar concept.  It creates a great break between the living area and combination kitchen and dining space.   So many of our readers live in lofts and apartments where there is a large space.  In particular this is common in older buildings.  Consider this suggestion as it will work in nearly any decorating theme from modern to traditional.

Our list could not be complete with a more simple wooden concept that features wood slats with narrow gaps between them.  I thought it was clever how a similar piece was created on the adjoining wall that has a mirror in addition.  Also, the buffet table is very close to the same wood color really tying this whole theme together.

Use of Decorative Bamboo Behind a Sofa

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Finding super decorative room divider ideas is no small feat as often the products you see at furniture stores are so boring they will put you to sleep
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