8 Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas that Totally Sizzle

Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas

One of the comfiest and traditional additions inside a family home is a wood burning fireplace. But just because it is a comfortable accent, doesn’t mean it can’t be smooth, sleek and fit within a contemporary style vision.

We’ve compiled a quick list of beautiful designs and ideas that include examples that we think will inspire your next renovation. Have fun looking around at these wood-burning fireplaces ideas that totally sizzle!


ceiling mounted wood burning fireplaces

This design may not be a real-life example but we love its idea. Staged in the center of the living room this model creates a beautiful gathering spot and focal point to space. It will become such a warm and welcoming area of the house but also chic and elegant as well.

contemporary wood burning fireplace

This unique piece has a fashionable touch but it lives in the industrial style genre. It’s perfect for a space that needs more masculine energy about it. It perfectly mixes old-age spirits with a hipster vibe, it’s such a personal and outside the box choice!


cool wood burning fireplaces

Slightly similar to the design above, this idea has all the elements that make its predecessor stand out but with a more chic and clean foundation. It’s definitely modern but brings in that industrial feel in a sophisticated way. This too can create an amazing and welcoming focal point.

free standing wood burning fireplace

We are loving this sleek and simple little box of warmth. Not only is this a functional piece but its quite charming as well, but it doesn’t overpower a room. So your focal point in the living room or bonus area can be of a beautiful piece of furniture and art instead!


hanging wood burning fireplaces

All we can say is wow when looking at this graphic design. This example appears to be floating among the ultra-modern space. Although we see bits and pieces of worldly appeal, this living room is completely set in a futuristic time zone with contemporary nuances all around – including the beautiful hanging centrepiece!


modern wood burning fireplace

Here’s another picture with an industrial vibe. It doesn’t even look like it could be a real piece, does it? If you don’t have a lot of space to work with but still want the warmth and comfort of a wood burning spot, this is the type of design you should look for.

rustic wood burning fireplaces

This suggestion incorporates the industrial nature of the walls and ceiling in this room scene. This decorative theme incorporates all elements of the living space resulting in an overall good design.


wood burning fireplaces designs

We’re used to seeing them built into walls and in this example. But with its black frame and window design, you’ve got a traditional look that’s been heightened to a new level. But, no matter it’s chicness or modern style, wood burning fireplaces will always bring about warmth and cosiness inside the home.


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8 Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas that Totally Sizzle
Article Name
8 Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas that Totally Sizzle
Have fun looking around at these 8 Wood Burning Fireplaces Ideas that Totally Sizzle! These designs are fun and sure to add charm and warmth to any room.