Wood Stove Fireplace By Wuehl Yanes

The earthy yet contemporary Wood Stove by Swiss designer Wuehl Yanes is exhibiting at the Interieur Biennale Fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. Designed to be a stove as well as a fireplace, the Wood Stove charms withs its simplicity. Given its compact form, the stove can be fitted into any room to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. While the Wood Stove looks very basic, great thought has gone into each design decision. One has the option to leave the stove shut or open so that one can use it has a heater or a fireplace. The concrete base not only makes it sturdy but also helps in storing the wooden logs. The flat surface on the top is no coincidence either as it can be used to make tea or boil water.

Wood Stove Fireplace By Wuehl Yanes
Wood Stove Fireplace
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