Work in Luxury with the Office Four Desk by Besana

The Italian design house of Besana is nearly one hundred years old, but they still live by their philosophy to stay on the forefront of design trends and quality craftsmanship.   That philosophy is the reason why their luxurious Office Four desk looks like anything but a century-old style.  Today, the designers at Besana innovate the latest ideas in simplicity and contemporary trends to bring you the cutting edge of interior fashion built with the experience of decades in the industry.


Work in Luxury with the Office Four Desk by Besana


The Office Four Desk by Besana is a streamlined concept that rests on minimalism in form and elegance in appearance.  The basic “L”-shape balances its thick tabletop with an overall lightness of simplicity.  To support the other end of the desk and provide private storage, the matching chest of drawers balances the design and compliments the low-profile desk.  Various configurations on the basic shape are available to accommodate the space in your home.  The economical size works well even outside of a study as a writing surface in a bedroom or a secretary in a living room.  The gold finish is the final touch to bring elegance and class wherever you use it.


Unique geometry to add style to your home office


With the Office Four desk, you can res assured that you will be working in luxury at a contemporary desk built with the expert knowledge of a century of design at Besana.  Wherever you use the Office Four desk at home, the question won’t be whether or not it has style.  The only thing you’ll ask yourself when you sit down is, “What project will I finish next?”

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Work in Luxury with the Office Four Desk
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