Your Home Gym Needs the Mileage 1636 Elliptical Trainer

Your Home Gym Needs the Mileage 1636 Elliptical Trainer 9

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Elliptical trainers are one of the best pieces of gym equipment when it comes to low impact cardio vascular strength training. There has been so much negative news about higher impact workouts such as jogging including the long term effects on joints that may not be realized until it’s to late. The Mileage 1636 Elliptical Trainer has all of the quality features you would expect professional gym equipment like 16 programs and computerized effective resistance levels for trainings at all levels, hand grip and hands free heart rate sensors, and Premium carbon steel material components including stabilizers and bearing pivoting arms. The Milage 1636 Elliptical Trainer also has a large LCD console which displays workout variables including: Speed, RPM, Distance, Time, Weight, Height, Target Heart Rate, BMI (Body Mass Index), Age, Gender, Calorie, Watt, BMR (Body Metabolism Rate), Pulse, Fat % and BodyType.
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