Y'S de Luxe Swivel Chair from Cappellini Furniture 5

Y’S de Luxe Swivel Chair from Cappellini Furniture

The Y’S de luxe swivel chair was created by designer, Christopher Pillet for Cappellini Furniture of Italy. Y’S construction features leather upholstery and aluminum legs. I am particularly drawn to the contours of the chair and find this type of styling to provide comfort for the person sitting. A bit of recline and raising of the legs helps the human body relax, something that I very much like to do in the evenings. Measurements: 21 3/4″ w x 28″ d x 30″ h. Price: $2,570.00 – $3,988.00.

Y'S De Luxe Swivel Chair Cappellini Furniture.JPG

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