Zip Bed Zips Away Your Bed Sheets Each Morning

The Zip Bed is a very interesting bed design that brings a new feature to ordinary beds that will certainly be very helpful when it comes to actually making the bed each morning. The bed’s entire frame has a zipper running around it that zips easily to a matching bed cover. Underneath the Zip -Bed’s cover you’ll find all your regular bed sheets and pillows comfortably tucked away waiting for your arrival. When the bed is made, the whole thing looks like a bed design coming from a Sci-Fi future, but you won’t have to wait for that distant future to arrive to get the Zip-Bed. Sure some of you might say the Zip-Bed doesn’t exactly fit with the rest of your bedroom design, but I’m sure you’ll find a clever way to modernize your whole bedroom after purchasing the Zip Bed.

Zip-Bed 1.jpg
Zip-Bed 2.jpg

Zip Bed 3.jpg
Zip Bed 4.jpg
Zip Bed 5.jpg
Zip Bed 6.jpg
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